Sunday, May 2, 2010

7 weeks!

Today I got to meet with my midwife again. When I first walked in the door, one of the midwife apprentices I didn't meet last time was there to greet me. She was obviously far along in pregnancy herself, and when I asked her the due date she said "any day now, though I really want the baby to hang in there a few days longer!" How refreshing, to hear someone who WANTED to keep their baby in toward the end of pregnancy. It seems like most women when they hit 38 weeks or so are completely done with pregnancy and want that baby out (to be fair, I got impatient long before 38 weeks).
We discussed husband/partner involvement in labor- basically the midwife will let the husband be as involved as he wants to be (or, in the case of my husband, as he does NOT want to be). Husband K is HUGELY supportive of my decision to homebirth (largely in part to his hatred of doctors). As a matter of fact, the other day he told me he always didn't understand why doctors interfered with labor so much and why it was always such a big deal- my husband who before having met me rarely thought about such serious and, um, womanly topics.
Last pregnancy, he was a champion during my 8 weeks of bedrest and did a great job of taking care of the house so I could just focus on the baby. But he does NOT handle blood or medical things well. I've come to terms with the fact that he won't be catching my baby or cutting a cord- his sole job is to STAY CONSCIOUS during labor. And while I was surprised last pregnancy when I was in the hospital for preterm labor by his ability to hold my IVs for me so I could go to the bathroom without a nurse (I would never in a million years have thought him capable of holding an IV, he's gotten queasy just from thinking about IVs in the past), when the actual labor came around he mostly held my hand and looked at my face and completely ignored anything going on "down there". He did need to leave the room once towards the end when things got bloody but aside from that he held up quite well. When the baby actually came, K teared up and took pictures and played the classic new father role quite well. So yes, while he is supportive of my birth, I am not disappointed that he may not be that involved in it. To make up for his lack of involvement I've asked a friend to come help out and will probably ask yet another friend to help with pictures.
The exam itself: My blood pressure today was 84/56- yikes! No wonder I've been getting so dizzy. I just wish I could eat something without wanting to gag. I have only thrown up twice (still, that's twice more than my last pregnancy and twice more than any other woman in my family has ever experienced from morning sickness) and even then it's been over a week, but my food aversion is going strong. Thank heavens for Crispix, they always sound good.
This is what Kermit looks like this week:

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