Friday, August 13, 2010

22 weeks! and a baby GIRL!

I've been remiss in following my pregnancy. I am now 22 weeks along. My belly has popped, I feel constant kicks, wiggles and dances parties in there, and we got our one ultrasound of the pregnancy- and ended up getting an additional one for free because they botched the first DVD (which I actually don't care much about at all, but hey, free ultrasound!) Some favorite shots of our BABY GIRL:
We didn't get hardly ANY good face shots, but what we got was amazing!
I love how it looks like she is signing "I Love You"
I was a little shocked that it was a girl. It was so odd, up until a few weeks ago, I had thought it was a girl, I was hoping it was a girl. I even felt, before we got pregnant, that we needed to get pregnant and that it would be a girl (see this post about our spiritual prompting to get pregnant).Then my defense mechanism kicked in, I think, and I squashed those hopes down. Perhaps a bit too well, because when we saw those undeniable little girl parts, I was in disbelief. Took me a few days (and a few trips shopping for cute little frilly things) to come around to it. I'm still excited, but also a bit daunted- I've done the little boy thing before, but I haven't ever raised a baby girl!

And the most recent belly shot:
22 weeks and 1 day