Friday, August 13, 2010

22 weeks! and a baby GIRL!

I've been remiss in following my pregnancy. I am now 22 weeks along. My belly has popped, I feel constant kicks, wiggles and dances parties in there, and we got our one ultrasound of the pregnancy- and ended up getting an additional one for free because they botched the first DVD (which I actually don't care much about at all, but hey, free ultrasound!) Some favorite shots of our BABY GIRL:
We didn't get hardly ANY good face shots, but what we got was amazing!
I love how it looks like she is signing "I Love You"
I was a little shocked that it was a girl. It was so odd, up until a few weeks ago, I had thought it was a girl, I was hoping it was a girl. I even felt, before we got pregnant, that we needed to get pregnant and that it would be a girl (see this post about our spiritual prompting to get pregnant).Then my defense mechanism kicked in, I think, and I squashed those hopes down. Perhaps a bit too well, because when we saw those undeniable little girl parts, I was in disbelief. Took me a few days (and a few trips shopping for cute little frilly things) to come around to it. I'm still excited, but also a bit daunted- I've done the little boy thing before, but I haven't ever raised a baby girl!

And the most recent belly shot:
22 weeks and 1 day


  1. Congrats on your girl! Funny, I had sort of the same thoughts when I found out baby#2 was a boy. I had done the girl thing--a boy was a foreign idea.

    Girls are fun, though! And, hey, you may not have raised a girl, but at lease you ARE a girl, right?

  2. Hi Jennifer! I came here from your siggy link on I really enjoyed reading some of your posts- love the way you write!

    Congrats on finding out you're having a girl! If you're anything like me, she'll have a closet so full of clothes she'll never be able to wear them all- girly clothes are just too cute!

    I really appreciated your well written posts about belly-sleeping and the marathon. I've heard the marathon analogy before, but never read an actual piece on it. Well said.

  3. you look so great jen! love reading about all the baby stuff! I want a natural birth SO BAD! I love reading you because I think it's healthy for me to be around people who are positive about natural childbirth.