Monday, April 19, 2010

Working towards a baby

So, I don't love working at home. I don't love what I do. I'm a "Web Analytics Consultant"- I help major websites figure out how people are getting to their site (say, from a google adwords campaign) and how effective their site is at getting people to do what they want (buy something). Lots of javascripting, lots of writing documentation. I was a linguistics major, which turned me into an HTML programmer (after all, HTML is technically a language too), then web designer, then finally analytics consultant. I'm very luck to have had this job progression- linguistics usually doesn't usually leave many career options (but boy, is it fascinating).
Anyways, I worked from home during my last pregnancy then up until Daniel was 8 months old. There is a reason people don't bring 8-month-olds to work with them- you can't get anything done. I always knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, even though my husband is a lowly school teacher and we'll never be rich (until I publish my incredibly popular fantasy novel;)... but that's another story). I thought whenI quit that I'd be done with corporate work forever. Last November I got a job at Barnes and Noble making less than I had ever made, even as a teenager- but I enjoyed it. I was exhausted (I could only work closing shifts so K could watch D), I was incredibly busy, but when I walked out those doors each night I didn't have to worry about my job until I came back for the next shift.
In January some old clients reached out and offered me disgusting amounts of money to consult with them- more than twice what I used to make doing the same thing. It was a total blessing- without it we couldn't even consider getting pregnant. But part of me inside was pretty bitter- it was a good enough offer that I couldn't turn it down, meaning I was working again. I mean, actually working- I had to quit at B&N. It is stressful, even if I only work 5 hours a week, I may worry for another 20.

But since I've gotten pregnant, it's so much more doable. I'm working towards something real and tangible- my homebirth! With that goal in mind, it doesn't seem like a bother at all. Just one more part of pregnancy- financing the birth. Each hour I work pays for one fiftieth of my homebirth.

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